Scottish business opportunity

The successful couple will start their own business. They will rent three (by way of rental contracts) of the four cottages from the owner of the island. One of which will be their home, the other two they will offer as self catering cottages. This income will hopefully form only part of their business which has a huge potential for many more avenues for income such as activities, functions etc. This is a fantastic life style business with the opportunity to take full advantage of this beautiful unique location. You should have very high standards, be independent, hard working, ambitious and want to get away from the rat race. Inchfad is just a 10minute boat ride away from Balmaha on the mainland so you should be comfortable on water and managing boats. Scottish business opportunity Skills Needed: Ambitious, Organised / Honest / Conscientious, Hospitality experience, exceptional customer care, High standards / excellent work ethic, General Carpentry and Construction, Basic Plumbing, Basic Mechanical skills, Excellent problem solving skills, Excellent time management skills, Ability to work well independently, Ability to make do with limited resources, Gardening skills, Enjoy working outdoors, Willing to work flexible hours. First aid skills and good health, Enjoy opportunity

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